Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Read any good books lately???

I have!!!  Right now I'm reading "Lunch in Paris" by Elizabeth Bard and the describing words on the cover say it all "A Love Story with Recipes"!!!   I was hooked on this book from page one...the story is truly a romance in every sense of the word and the recipes are an added bonus!!!....Oh, did I mention that this is the 2nd time I'm reading this book...yes, it's that good!!!...and this time around I will definitely be trying some of the recipes!!!

You might notice if you continue reading this post that alot of my reading material, in some way or other, has food involved!!!  I know, BIG surprise!!!  But let me tell you the stories in these books are truly worth reading!!!!

Marlena De Blasi is another author that I was unfamiliar with until I came across her books on and once I read the descriptions I knew they were something I needed to read and I was not disappointed!!  If you get a chance go to and check them out.  Oh, did I mention that in addition to being a wonderful author she is also a Chef!!!

I first became interested in "Eat, Pray, Love" when the movie came out and saw that Julie Roberts was playing the main character....and it didn't hurt that it had the word "Eat" in the title!!!  LOL  Now I will admit that I started reading this book twice before it actually caught my attention enough to keep me reading, but once I got into it, it was an amazing story of Elizabeth Gilbert's life journey!!!  Definitely glad I gave it a 2nd chance!!!

Now, I know that these types of books aren't for everyone...but then again, I don't really care for mysteries or thrillers....give me a GOOD story, especially one with food involved, and I'm gonna give it a shot!!!

I've already got my next 2 books lined up and I'm hoping to find them on my next trip to the book store, because I don't want to wait to have them shipped.  I found these books on Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest) and checked them out on Amazon and they definitely look like my kind of read..."The School of Essential Ingredients" by Erica Bauermeister and "The Art of Simple Food" by Alice Waters....if you're still interested I'll let you know how these ones are or you could check them out for yourself!!!

'Til next time...



  1. I can't tell you how many times I've picked up Lunch In Paris while in Anthropologie but for some reason haven't bought it. I'll give it a try now that I know it's good. I did buy the Happiness Project last time I was in Anthropologie and so far so good. I think you would like it since you like these types of books. I'm also finishing up Night Road by Kristin Hannah... very good. xo

  2. Thanks Debby...I would definitely reccomend "Lunch in Paris"....Elizabeth Bard has written her story in such a wonderful way!!! I'm definitely going to check out the Happiness Project!!! Have a great day!!