Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday...Really?!?!?!

Happy Monday Everyone....yes, I really said "Happy Monday"!!!  Those are two words that are not usually used in the same sentence, but I'm trying to keep that positive attitude thing going here!!!  LOL

There's nothing like a little comfort food to soothe you after a long and busy tonight it's just a simple bowl of chili and some corn muffins...I won't bother with the recipe tonight,'cause let's face it, everybody has their own favorite chili recipe and mine is my families favorite, at least that's what they tell me!! (they all voted for me in the chili cook-off)!!  :)

So I'm going to go enjoy my dinner and I hope you do the same!!!

Here's a little peak at the granola I made!!!

"Til Next Time...


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