Friday, March 16, 2012

Curtains, Coasters, A Cushion, A Cupboard & Cooking...

....just a few of the projects I have lined up for this coming weekend!!! It's going to be a busy couple of days!!!

But first, here are some pretty Orange Tulips to brighten your day!!!

Curtains...I fell in love with this orange fabric....I'm hoping to make a curtain valance for the kitchen!!!

Coasters...The coasters I made out of ceramic tiles and cocktail napkins were such a hit, my daughters have now requested them for their set down one more to be made...

linking my coaster to: , and

A Cushion.....I've had this sweet little vanity chair forever (see her pretty legs on the right)'s seen many fabric changes over the years and will probably see many more...

 A Cupboard (table)....this is the little cupboard (table) that lives in the upstairs hallway...not really loving the palm trees!!!  The wood will stay as it is, but the palm trees on the door have got to go...they're not really my style!!!

Also on the agenda for this weekend is a little road trip on Sunday to see Daughter #2....that's where the cooking comes in....seems she's hungry for Lemon I'm heading to the kitchen!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend...get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather!!

'Till Next Time...



  1. Love how a pop of orange can totally change a space! xo

  2. I love's such a happy color!!! Hope you have a great weekend Debby!!!

  3. I love your orange brings in the spring.Thanks for sharing Joann

  4. Hi Patti,
    What an agenda! I love orange - that will be a fun valance!

    And those coasters are fabulous - glad your daughters benefit from your creativity!